Friday, December 17, 2010

Cover Art: Spellwright

Blacke Charlton has unveiled the French version of the cover for Spellwright, featuring a very French night-life version of Nicodemus. I especially love that French title! "Mortil├Ęge." Isn't that the greatest? The word is an amalgam of the words "sortil├Ęge" (spell) and "mort" (death). Leave it to the French to invent a sexy word for deadly magic.

This definitely beats the German version, even if artist went a bit heavy on Nicodemus' mascara, but the UK version (below) beats them both out with an atom-shared ball of runes (which makes much more sense if you've actually read the book). Charlton explains that "it provides a wonderful continuation of the theme by illustrating the magical language that drives the plot of Spellbound forward."

Make sure you check out Blake Charlton's website for more covers.

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