Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Short Film: Poem

"Poem" by Matthias Zentner

Although this has been used as a commercial for Showtime in Ukrain, it's still a beautiful piece of art worthy of the title "short film."  In all likelihood, without the money behind the advertiser, it would never have been produced, which would have been a terrible loss.

In this piece, the reading experience is represented as a visual metaphor as a woman passes through four stages of her life. I particularly like the part where the books escape from the bird cage, but everything about this is quite beautiful.

poem was the 3rd project in a row velvet did for showtime beyond (suspension channel). this spot, directed by matthias zentner of velvet, reflects journey through daydreams, nightmares and passionate escapes a reflection of a normal day spent at showtime beyond, where nothing is real, and extraordinary is ordinary. its transporting the viewer to an imaginary place where stories and imagination ignite. stories come alive as they are passed from person to person and from generation to generation. on showtime beyond storytelling opens the imagination in limitless ways. it was shot in just 2 days in kiew/ukraine.

In very complex postproduction (mostly flame & 3d) real-film-shoot was combined with vfx/animation elements.

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