Monday, December 5, 2011

Interview: Art Spiegelman

At the 92Y, Art Spiegelman talks about the creation of Maus, one of the most influential comic books of all time, a chronicle of his parents’ experience during the Holocaust. His excellent recent book, MetaMaus, delves into the making of the iconic comic and the questions of “Why comics? Why mouse? Why the Holocaust?”

First published in 1986, Art Spiegelman's Maus, a comic-book chronicle of his parents' experience during the Holocaust, was hailed by Jules Feiffer as "a remarkable work, awesome in its conception and execution . . . at one and the same time a novel, a documentary, a memoir and a comic book. Brilliant. Just brilliant."

To mark the book's twenty-fifth anniversary, Spiegelman now publishes MetaMaus - "my notebooks, my sketches, rough drafts, interviews, transcripts, photos [and] historical references made into a work that can sit next to Maus." The book has been edited by Hillary Chute.

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