Monday, December 19, 2011

Link Round-Up: December 19, 2011

5 e-Book Collections with Over 100,000 Free e-Books

After 2 years of work, Jonathan Harris (of We Feel Fine fame) launches Cowbird, a “simple tool for telling stories and a public library of human experience,” beginning with a “saga” about the Occupy

Bookfessions: confessions and thoughts of a bibliophile. "797. When I finish a book, I close the back cover and just sit there."

George Whitman, founder of the Parisian landmark bookstore Shakespeare And Company, has died at the age of 98

Library Use Value Calculator: Library users might want to try out this little exercise to see what your public library means to you and your wallets - and to learn what services you may not have known your library offers. I ran the calculations, and my public library turns out to be worth about $5,000 a year to me.

How to Extend the Due Date of Your Library eBook on the Kindle

New York based artist Robert The carves guns out of old books found in dumpsters and thrift store bins.

Novel First Sentences, Novel Last Sentences

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