Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Trailer: Hull Zero Three

Here's a machinima-inspired trailer for Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear.

From what I've read in early reviews, the trailer is inspired by the novel's strong resemblance to many popular first person shooters. The story follows a man who wakes up lost and alone on a ship infested with monstrous creatures. Unlike many games that follow this trope, however, the book is built on the deftly wielded science Bear brings to all of his work.

The trailer was created using the game engine and textures from the Quake 2 World Project, a free, standalone first person shooter video game. Read a three chapters online.

DustJacket Description: A small band of humans on a long journey wake up to find themselves lightyears from known space - on a ship that has gone mad. The ship is an unmanned terraformer - designed to bring life to dead planets, but not to transport the living. Now, five humans find themselves struggling to understand how they came to be here and just where it is they are going. Survival is their goal – they must find a way to live in these cold, dark halls. But they are not alone and their struggle to stay alive will uncover long hidden secrets best left to the empty void of space.

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