Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Link Round-Up: November 3, 2010

Where do I pick up one of these?

14 Amazing Bookmark Designs

Listverse has compiled a seriously good list of the Top 10 Underrated Fantasy Stories After 1937

OMG, I don't know why you would ever destroy a book like this, but here's a tutorial on how to Make: Online : Make a secret hollowed-out book

Old Charlie Brown offers a look ahead to everything coming out in November from Prime Books

Solaris's 2011 publishing line-up has been released.

What 10 Classic Books Were Almost Called

With her writing career clearly going nowhere, Margaret Atwood has turned to a new vocation: costume design.

Daniel Solis (Art Director by day, Game Designer by night) posted a thread on the Iain Banks forum recently to let Banks fans know that he's created a new font based on Iain Banks' Marain alphabet. The font can be downloaded from Daniel's website at

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